Unconditionally Supporting the Uninsurable.

Encouraging the insurance and financial services industries to contribute in supporting those affected by humanitarian disasters, public health and safety crises.

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A Message From The Founder of InsurAid.

Never before has humanity faced a public health and financial crises of the magnitude caused by the coronavirus contagion. Amidst unprecedented difficulties affecting the population and businesses, it’s important for those in the insurance industry to affirm their commitment to charities and organisations fighting the situation.

An industry movement

InsurAid is an industry movement that’s “unconditionally supporting the uninsurable” during such times of unforeseen catastrophes, that insurance companies are virtually unable to predict, let alone calculate and price for the risk of potential causal loss. It underscores a central tenet of insurance: to alleviate the condition of an individual with shared costs and support from the wider collective. If you are or have ever been part of the insurance industry, join the movement by simply signing up. It’s fast, it’s simple and sends a clear signal.

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About InsurAid

InsurAid has been created to motivate people in the insurance industry to quickly react and support those affected by humanitarian disasters, for which insurance is scarce or unavailable. It raises funds that are transparently distributed across several named frontline organisations.

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Our first initiative

Our first initiative is Art&Co. The world’s largest online art auction to raise funds for frontline organisations bringing relief to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. See how you can get involved by visiting the Art&Co. site to bid on artwork or find out more about donating to the causes we’re supporting.

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